The Cascina Bertolotto owes its origins to Giuseppe Traversa's foresight, who at the end of the 19th century planted the first vineyards on these hills, being encouraged by his uncle Francesco, the parish priest in the nearby village of Serole, who suggested he produce Mass wine.

The passion for vine-growing has been passed on through the family generations to Virginio and Cavalier Giuseppe and their sons. Today, as in the past, a carefully balanced mixture of innovation and tradition helps to create a selection of wines produced with utmost care for genuineness, which are characterized by unique flavours and aromas.

The Cascina Bertolotto is located in Piedmont, in Spigno Monferrato, at an altitude of 400 metres, among lands of ancient wine-making traditions: the Asti Langa, the Cuneo Langa and the Monferrato whose border is marked by a mile stone just a few kilometres from the estate cellars.

A short distance from the vineyards stand the initial spurs of the Ligurian Appennine whose sandstone sediments enrich the soil with a mixture of nutritional elements which in turn make the end product most special.

The environment of the estate also benefits from salubrious sea breezes which, whilst protecting the vegetation, favour optimal ripening of the grapes and make late harvest possible.

All the estate vineyards face south-west in an amphitheatre-shaped location of sloping hills; they are steeped in an environment affording woods, meadows, hazelnut and almond orchards, expanses of wild thyme, broom and other typical aromatic plants which concur to form

a particular ecosystem ideal for producing grapes.


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